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Anastasia’s Journal has Moved!

Hello all!

I am writing in a new journal!

You can find my newest posts on my website at anastasiamariewriter.com

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Keep writing!


Writing Your Dreams

I was recently thinking back on how my stories came to be.

While my first novel, That Fateful Day, was written based on character development from World of Warcraft, my subsequent published works were based off of dreams that I had.

My children’s book, The Boy Who Didn’t Eat Vegetables, was inspired by a dream in which I woke up in bed and realized that I had shrunk to about two inches tall. I rode around in a hot-wheels car in a looping track, but the dream was cut off by an unexpected fall from the top of the slope. I woke up from the dream feeling very disoriented but realized that it would make an interesting story. I was twelve years old at the time.

The Saga of the Answering Storm was born in June of 2011. I had the most intense dream in which I was sitting cross-legged in complete darkness with five bowls sitting on the ground–or whatever the floor consisted of–and all of them had a glow emanating from inside.

Then suddenly, my perspective in the dream changed. My sight drifted away from my body, and I ended up turned to look at myself with the bowls between my body and me. Except that when I was looking at myself from my Out-of-Body Experience, I realized that my body had been that of a man with dark hair. As I watched, the man that I had been leaned forward and put his face into one of the glowing bowls. When he lifted his head again, his eyes glowed brightly with a blue light.

I don’t remember what happened after that, I just remember waking up and talking to my good friend Eva about it, who sugested that I write it down. Binding Power was born.

I make a simple suggestion to you all. Keep a dream journal by your bed or a tablet or whatever you use to write in and write down dreams that seem even remotely interesting. I can tell you from experience that they can surprise you with the kind of stories you can write about them.

Have fun and keep dreaming!

Order VS Nature

I’ve had a hard time deciding who I want my main antagonist to be in my book and what his/her goals to be. I didn’t want him/her to be too cliche of a villain, like wanting to take over the world and such just for power.

My first thought was to create a complete antithesis to my hero’s goals. His journey centers on Mother Nature and everything in balance to survive on Earth; in essence, I thought of the Mother as the embodiment of Life. So naturally, I thought of death. A number of Greek gods of death came to mind, and I began to do research on this topic of interest.

However, my mother/publisher/motivator pointed out that the antithesis of Life isn’t Death. Death goes along with Life.

After a lot of thought, I then decided on Chaos. The Goddess of Chaos, Eres, is a prominent figure in a lot of mythology. I toyed around with the idea for a while, looking at the person I wanted to hinder Bartholomew’s plans. Still, complete and utter chaos for the sake of chaos is trite. I needed a worthwhile goal for the antagonist to strive for, one that the readers would understand but not become bored or annoyed with.

Order. Complete, obsessive compulsive order. The main antagonist will want to control his surroundings without the encroachment of nature. His need for order will make him crave the extermination of the uncontrollable wildlife. Nature kills slowly, he will claim. Through the growing of vines and roots, the Mother will destroy all that man builds. Earthquakes, storms, flooding. All can be controlled with the right technology.

My antagonist was born from this line of thinking. His desire for this will consume him to the point of war with nature.

Writing Frenzy

National Novel Writing Month is here, folks! November is the time to crank out that novel you’ve been “working on” for the past eight years.

I won’t be posting much this month since I’ll be focused on finishing Firestorm, the third book in the Saga of the Answering Storm, so don’t be sad! Be writing!

My handle on nanowrimo.org is BooksAreLife, so send me a message or buddy me, and we’ll talk about all things writing. I’m pumped up this month because I’ve been holding off on the third book, waiting for November to roll around.

The 1,667 daily word count is tough to manage, but write everywhere you can and whenever you can. Finish early if you can. Write in between classes at school, on your lunch break at work, on the toilet (been there, done that), on your porch, in your car, on your bed, and even on the floor if you have to! WRITE

Love you guys! Stay awesome and keep that word count up.

Intro to Theatre, helping with the writing process

I recently started my last class at my community college, Intro to Theater: “Theater Appreciation.” Little did I know when I registered for it that the topics covered would have relevance to my writing process.

Of course, being a playwright is a lot like being a novelist, only the characters and plot are brought to life instead of trapped on the page. I’ve given script-writing a try before, in high school, and loved it, though I wasn’t used to not describing every little thing, seeing as my audience would be seeing it played for them on a screen. Being a playwright is also similar to screen-writing.

Among the topics covered in my Drama class was the plot structure, and even though some of the titles of the sections were different than a novel’s, it was generally the same as you would use when outlining a book; i.e. prologue, climax, resolution, conclusion.

I would think that someone who was a big fan of the theater arts would be more capable when turning to writing novels than someone who just comes in with no experience. If anyone has trouble with this sort of thing, like character development or plot structure, I would recommend starting with a drama class. It’s been really helpful for me.

Part Two of Grim Phantasm

Well, everyone, I was really excited to get the sequel to Binding Power out there next month, but I realized, when I was finished, that it was way too short. So I decided to add a “Part II” to the book, much like the first one. Another 150 pages, and it should be ready to go by November, if not October.

I’ve been blowing through edits like nobody’s business with Natural Reader, so those should go fairly quickly when I’m done writing it.

The Self-Published Fiction Award goes to…

Well, Writer’s Digest has a whole bunch of writing competitions going on write now, including the Self-published e-book award. Personally, I don’t usually do competitions where I have to pay a fee, but for those of you interested, there’s a pretty awesome reward for winners. I recommend that those of you who have published an ebook already submit it to the competition. You’ll get notoriety and a mention in the magazine (i think).

For poor people like me, I recommend checking out the other writing competitions on the Writer’s Digest page. I’ve done a number of them already.

Have fun, my fellow writers! Please, feel free to comment about this post on which competitions you’ve entered, I would love to hear about it.

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