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Anastasia’s Journal is Moving!

Hello, my lovely followers!

I would just like to send out a notice that my blog is being moved to my website on Wednesday, April 2, 2014!

You will be able to find it here: Anastasia’s Journal

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much. Just subscribe to my website and you’ll get updates just as you would from here. (My website uses wordpress, so it’s practically the same)

I love you all and hope you enjoy this week’s posts on my website. Keep writing!


Natural Reader

Well, folks, I think I’ve found my answer to the struggle of editing. Its name is NaturalReader.

With a click of a button, the program will read your work to you while you edit it, though I recommend using the “floating bar,” so it doesn’t choke up when you pause it to edit.

I know what you’re thinking: “Every reading software I ever bought sounded dumb and didn’t read very well.” However, NaturalReader had excellent readers that sound like real people reading your book, and you can choose to have a male or female voice reading it. Remember what I said in one of my previous posts about the importance of getting someone to read your book to you (other than you)? This is the solution, it works, trust me.

Best part is, it’s free!

Get downloading that program, guys. It’ll save you a lot of frustration when you read your published work and see grammatical and punctuation errors that you hadn’t noticed in the editing process. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Everything Except Writing

My publisher Suzanna Reeves recently went over all the things I would have to do to not only get my book out into the world but also what I would need to do if I wanted anyone to buy it.

I thought, after almost a year of writing Binding Power, that once I was done I could just move on to my next book while it made money for me in the market. Oh, how wrong I was.

Blogging, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Website, and many other things must be done before I even start my day, so that I can get word out that my book is available. My fingers cramp over my keyboard just thinking about all the stuff I have to do today to get people to notice me.

I want to personally thank the followers of my blog for their support in my relatively new business venture in the world of writing.

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