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Anastasia’s Journal has Moved!

Hello all!

I am writing in a new journal!

You can find my newest posts on my website at anastasiamariewriter.com

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Keep writing!


Healing the Heartache

I recently had a bad breakup with someone I really cared about but was no longer able to love as I once did. It was hard on both of us, and things seemed to spiral out of control for a while after, but we pushed through.

My heartache has been keeping me low and depressed, but recently, I’ve found that writing sort fiction raises my spirits. Positive, exciting fiction with a happy ending always makes me upbeat. It’s interesting to realize that doing something we love can restore our levity. It certainly restored mine. I’m planning on publishing the short fiction I’ve been writing on Flash Fiction Fridays at the behest of my publisher.

I recommend short fiction writing for anyone who is going through something difficult or stressful; getting the proverbial creative juices flowing and translating that stress into a story that ends happily works wonders for healing the heartache.

Stay positive, my friends.

Meeting Jim Butcher

I’m pretty sure most of you know who Jim Butcher is. So you’ll understand my excitement when I tell you that I met him at the Space City Convention on Saturday and got him to sign two of his books. However, the most amazing thing was that I gifted him a copy of my book–autographed, of course–and he accepted it!

I wonder how many authors do that? I think it’s a great way to get your work noticed by the people who inspired you and to network with them.

I recommend this to all you authors! Gift your book to a well-known author at a signing. Don’t be disappointed if he/she isn’t able to accept it, it may be that their agents had something to do with it. I hope I started a trend at the Con on Saturday.

Now, don’t go and give the poor authors an unfinished, unbound manuscript for them to read and “review!” They’ll toss it out! If it’s published (whether self-published or traditionally published) go right ahead. Sign it, write a little message like “thanks for being an inspiration,” and see what happens!

Jim Butcher is an awesome guy, and for those of you who have read the Dresden Files and have not met him, he has the personality of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. It was so exciting to meet him, and I was inspired by the incredibly long line of people who were waiting for him to sign their books. I’ll be at the next Space City Convention, and though I know that I won’t have as many people waiting in line for me (one can hope!) I hope that I will see him there.

Space City Convention, Anyone?

So I thought I’d start sniffing around for some action at the conventions in my neighborhood, maybe get myself a table for me to sell my books and a place in an author’s panel.

I happened to find out that the Space City Convention is in town this year, and they’re still accepting registration for dealer tables. I’m not ready with my second book, or I would be all over that. Still, for those of you with a couple of books out and want to get in the game, the Space City Con may be the place to get noticed! Artists’ Alley is the place to be! It’s $200 for a table. This year’s convention takes place in Houston, TX, and starts in the first weekend of August, the 2nd through the 4th. If that’s too soon, just wait up for the next one in January. You’ll definitely see me there.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next convention so I can show off my work. Good luck, you guys!

Grim Phantasm, no longer simply a phantasm in my mind

I would like to announce the completion of Grim Phantasm, book two in the Saga of the Answering Storm and the commencement of edits!

Dreading the Editing

Musing About Muses

I’ve never understood the idea of a “muse.” I’ve had writers tell me that they couldn’t have finished their works without their “muses.” Muses are supposed to be a sort of personified inspiration that spurs artists’ creativity, but I’ve never had one; at least, I’ve never noticed that I had one.

I write as the plot comes to me, and then I alter it as I see fit. I don’t rely on any sort of muse to help me along.

If someone has a good explanation of the reason for a muse, I’d be more than happy to post your response on my blog because I’m very interested to know. Either put your explanation up as a comment to this post or email me at anamarieauthor@gmail.com with the subject heading as “Musing about Muses Response.”

Working Class Writer

I’m hoping to start my new job today as a scribe for people with disabilities at my school. Writing and helping people who need it are my two passions in life, and the fact that I’ll be able to do both at the same time makes me immeasurably pleased.

For those people who plan to make a living off of their books but haven’t got their feet under them yet, I sincerely recommend choosing a side job that will not only earn you money for the time being but also fine tune your writing skills as an author, be it a peer tutor for writing at your school or writing for a local magazine.

Having a job other than your books will take some of the stress away from getting published right after it’s done.

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