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Anastasia’s Journal has Moved!

Hello all!

I am writing in a new journal!

You can find my newest posts on my website at anastasiamariewriter.com

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Keep writing!


Anastasia’s Journal is Moving!

Hello, my lovely followers!

I would just like to send out a notice that my blog is being moved to my website on Wednesday, April 2, 2014!

You will be able to find it here: Anastasia’s Journal

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much. Just subscribe to my website and you’ll get updates just as you would from here. (My website uses wordpress, so it’s practically the same)

I love you all and hope you enjoy this week’s posts on my website. Keep writing!

Binding Power Revisited

Well, I finished going through Binding Power with editing. There were so many grammatical errors in it, I’m glad I did so.┬áNow, I’ll be publishing a second edition with new content and cover blurb. I hope everyone likes it, and I look forward to submitting it for a writing competition.

Keep Writing, my friends!

Comicpalooza 2014

It’s about that time again, people! The Texas Comicpalooza is right around the corner, and I’m so excited!

The most awesome thing happened. My publisher has been chosen to organize the author/writing panels for the convention this May on Memorial Day weekend. That means that I will be speaking at no less than three writing panels along with some other author friends and colleagues.

Among our topics, we will be speaking about transforming story ideas into novels and making those novels perfect, from making sure the characters are realistic and lovable to the intricate details of plot devlopment and structure.

I would be so pleased to see some of you there, and if you come and find me at the palooza, I will be sure to give you a free, autographed copy of my latest novel!

I love you all and hope to see you in May!

The Self-Published Fiction Award goes to…

Well, Writer’s Digest has a whole bunch of writing competitions going on write now, including the Self-published e-book award. Personally, I don’t usually do competitions where I have to pay a fee, but for those of you interested, there’s a pretty awesome reward for winners. I recommend that those of you who have published an ebook already submit it to the competition. You’ll get notoriety and a mention in the magazine (i think).

For poor people like me, I recommend checking out the other writing competitions on the Writer’s Digest page. I’ve done a number of them already.

Have fun, my fellow writers! Please, feel free to comment about this post on which competitions you’ve entered, I would love to hear about it.

Meeting Jim Butcher

I’m pretty sure most of you know who Jim Butcher is. So you’ll understand my excitement when I tell you that I met him at the Space City Convention on Saturday and got him to sign two of his books. However, the most amazing thing was that I gifted him a copy of my book–autographed, of course–and he accepted it!

I wonder how many authors do that? I think it’s a great way to get your work noticed by the people who inspired you and to network with them.

I recommend this to all you authors! Gift your book to a well-known author at a signing. Don’t be disappointed if he/she isn’t able to accept it, it may be that their agents had something to do with it. I hope I started a trend at the Con on Saturday.

Now, don’t go and give the poor authors an unfinished, unbound manuscript for them to read and “review!” They’ll toss it out! If it’s published (whether self-published or traditionally published) go right ahead. Sign it, write a little message like “thanks for being an inspiration,” and see what happens!

Jim Butcher is an awesome guy, and for those of you who have read the Dresden Files and have not met him, he has the personality of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. It was so exciting to meet him, and I was inspired by the incredibly long line of people who were waiting for him to sign their books. I’ll be at the next Space City Convention, and though I know that I won’t have as many people waiting in line for me (one can hope!) I hope that I will see him there.

Make Flyers; Market Yourself!

I read an interesting blog post the other day about how to best market yourself to the world and sell more books. The guy came up with the idea of “Author Flyers” in which the author would “sell” him/herself. Includes:

>Picture of Yourself and your book

>Short biography

>list of credentials (i.e. certificates, awards, degrees, notoriety)

>Book Blurb

>Genre that you write in

>Stylish theme (VERY IMPORTANT)

It seems very interesting, and I plan on making one myself. With these in hand, if you come across a potential buyer, publisher, or agent, you’ll have these handy with all the relevant information. They are especially useful if you are doing speaking events and want people to know who you are. You can mail them out to publishing companies and conventions.

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