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Critiques All Around

The two writing critiques I attended last week were so amazing! The Woodlands Writers Guild had some insightful and praising comments as well as helpful pointers about my sequel, and I look forward to attending another one at the end of the month.

If anyone is a writer and doesn’t have that support group to tell you if you’re “writing in the right direction,” go find one right now! It is so important to have people who can keep you accountable for writing, so you don’t fall into a the never-ending pit of writer’s block.

I thought the first chapter of my sequel was impeccable until my new colleagues tore me a new one. (I was told that my grammar was indeed impeccable, though.) So I’ll be making changes to scenes, setting, and characters because of their input.

I’m so excited to have this support group, and I know that my writing will greatly improve because of it.


The Woodlands Writers Guild

I’ve been looking for a writing support group for a while now, and I think I’ve found a great prospect. I’ll be going to the meeting tonight to check it out. I hope to get good feedback on my work and a hard kick in the pants to keep me writing. I will post again after the meeting with further insights.

I’m so excited!

Stay inspired, my friends!

Writing Your Dreams

I was recently thinking back on how my stories came to be.

While my first novel, That Fateful Day, was written based on character development from World of Warcraft, my subsequent published works were based off of dreams that I had.

My children’s book, The Boy Who Didn’t Eat Vegetables, was inspired by a dream in which I woke up in bed and realized that I had shrunk to about two inches tall. I rode around in a hot-wheels car in a looping track, but the dream was cut off by an unexpected fall from the top of the slope. I woke up from the dream feeling very disoriented but realized that it would make an interesting story. I was twelve years old at the time.

The Saga of the Answering Storm was born in June of 2011. I had the most intense dream in which I was sitting cross-legged in complete darkness with five bowls sitting on the ground–or whatever the floor consisted of–and all of them had a glow emanating from inside.

Then suddenly, my perspective in the dream changed. My sight drifted away from my body, and I ended up turned to look at myself with the bowls between my body and me. Except that when I was looking at myself from my Out-of-Body Experience, I realized that my body had been that of a man with dark hair. As I watched, the man that I had been leaned forward and put his face into one of the glowing bowls. When he lifted his head again, his eyes glowed brightly with a blue light.

I don’t remember what happened after that, I just remember waking up and talking to my good friend Eva about it, who sugested that I write it down. Binding Power was born.

I make a simple suggestion to you all. Keep a dream journal by your bed or a tablet or whatever you use to write in and write down dreams that seem even remotely interesting. I can tell you from experience that they can surprise you with the kind of stories you can write about them.

Have fun and keep dreaming!

Flash Fiction Friday~”Jeans and a Hoodie”

TJ stared at the blank sheet of paper in front of him and forced himself to refrain from ripping it to pieces in frustration. He tapped the drawing pencil in his hand against the edge of the easel, trying to get the idea in his head to manifest into an image he could put on the canvas.

It started to take form, albeit slowly. He lifted the pencil and started to draw, closing his eyes every few seconds to see it more clearly.

The outline finished, TJ moved in to shade and define with color. The man on the canvas was starting to look good, he saw, much to his satisfaction. His urban line of clothing hadn’t been doing well, according to the NY Associates, but this design he had seen in a dream the night before would blow them away, he was sure.

The gold-on-black design of the hoodie gave the man in his drawing a stylish and slightly high fashion look. The baggy, navy blue jeans were artfully torn in places to contrast the chic quality of the hoodie.

His cell-phone started playing the first notes of Look at Me.

“Yo, Kyle, what’s up? I’m in the middle of somethin’.”

His best friend had followed him into the design business and was actually his partner.

“Hey, TJ. I’m sorry to bother you, but this couldn’t wait.” His tone was subdued, and TJ was immediately attentive.

“What’s the problem, bro?”

“They’re dropping our contract, TJ. They found someone else to design for the fall selection.”

TJ felt numb. Distantly, he heard his colored pencil hit the tile floor after it slid through his limp fingers.

“They–they can’t!”

“They did. You should have a notice in the mail. I wanted you to hear it from a person, though, not a piece of paper. We’ll find another company to hire us, TJ. Don’t worry.” Kyle hung up.

TJ stared blankly at the design in front of him, wondering how he was going to pay the rent for his New York flat next month without a steady income. He got off the stool and walked over to the window where he could see the view of the skyline. He was going to miss having an apartment.

The sound of muffled thuds hitting the floor followed by the clatter of a falling easel caught his attention. He spun around, his hand moving toward the pocket knife he always kept handy in case of emergencies. It took the man a few moments to realize what he was looking at.

The man in the drawing was still there, but the clothes TJ had designed had fallen off and onto the floor, causing the easel to fall with them. Gold thread glittered against the black fabric, and artfully torn blue jeans poked out from under the large hoodie. The designer stooped down to pick up what had once been a drawing on paper.

The cloth was just as he had imagined it would be when he had put pencil to paper. The design was perfect. Looking at the hoodie in his hands and feeling the texture, TJ started to grin. Laughter bubbled in his chest, forcing its way out of his mouth with wild abandon.

“TJ’s back, baby!” he shouted. The image of a penthouse condo filled his mind at the thought of how much money he would soon be making with his designs. He and Kyle wouldn’t have to grovel for every clothing company for pennies anymore. Life was about to get really awesome.

A special thanks to TJ for his exuberance and willingness to share his dreams and ideas with me.

Comicpalooza 2014

It’s about that time again, people! The Texas Comicpalooza is right around the corner, and I’m so excited!

The most awesome thing happened. My publisher has been chosen to organize the author/writing panels for the convention this May on Memorial Day weekend. That means that I will be speaking at no less than three writing panels along with some other author friends and colleagues.

Among our topics, we will be speaking about transforming story ideas into novels and making those novels perfect, from making sure the characters are realistic and lovable to the intricate details of plot devlopment and structure.

I would be so pleased to see some of you there, and if you come and find me at the palooza, I will be sure to give you a free, autographed copy of my latest novel!

I love you all and hope to see you in May!

Healing the Heartache

I recently had a bad breakup with someone I really cared about but was no longer able to love as I once did. It was hard on both of us, and things seemed to spiral out of control for a while after, but we pushed through.

My heartache has been keeping me low and depressed, but recently, I’ve found that writing sort fiction raises my spirits. Positive, exciting fiction with a happy ending always makes me upbeat. It’s interesting to realize that doing something we love can restore our levity. It certainly restored mine. I’m planning on publishing the short fiction I’ve been writing on Flash Fiction Fridays at the behest of my publisher.

I recommend short fiction writing for anyone who is going through something difficult or stressful; getting the proverbial creative juices flowing and translating that stress into a story that ends happily works wonders for healing the heartache.

Stay positive, my friends.

Order VS Nature

I’ve had a hard time deciding who I want my main antagonist to be in my book and what his/her goals to be. I didn’t want him/her to be too cliche of a villain, like wanting to take over the world and such just for power.

My first thought was to create a complete antithesis to my hero’s goals. His journey centers on Mother Nature and everything in balance to survive on Earth; in essence, I thought of the Mother as the embodiment of Life. So naturally, I thought of death. A number of Greek gods of death came to mind, and I began to do research on this topic of interest.

However, my mother/publisher/motivator pointed out that the antithesis of Life isn’t Death. Death goes along with Life.

After a lot of thought, I then decided on Chaos. The Goddess of Chaos, Eres, is a prominent figure in a lot of mythology. I toyed around with the idea for a while, looking at the person I wanted to hinder Bartholomew’s plans. Still, complete and utter chaos for the sake of chaos is trite. I needed a worthwhile goal for the antagonist to strive for, one that the readers would understand but not become bored or annoyed with.

Order. Complete, obsessive compulsive order. The main antagonist will want to control his surroundings without the encroachment of nature. His need for order will make him crave the extermination of the uncontrollable wildlife. Nature kills slowly, he will claim. Through the growing of vines and roots, the Mother will destroy all that man builds. Earthquakes, storms, flooding. All can be controlled with the right technology.

My antagonist was born from this line of thinking. His desire for this will consume him to the point of war with nature.

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