A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

I recently had a bad breakup with someone I really cared about but was no longer able to love as I once did. It was hard on both of us, and things seemed to spiral out of control for a while after, but we pushed through.

My heartache has been keeping me low and depressed, but recently, I’ve found that writing sort fiction raises my spirits. Positive, exciting fiction with a happy ending always makes me upbeat. It’s interesting to realize that doing something we love can restore our levity. It certainly restored mine. I’m planning on publishing the short fiction I’ve been writing on Flash Fiction Fridays at the behest of my publisher.

I recommend short fiction writing for anyone who is going through something difficult or stressful; getting the proverbial creative juices flowing and translating that stress into a story that ends happily works wonders for healing the heartache.

Stay positive, my friends.


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