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Order VS Nature

I’ve had a hard time deciding who I want my main antagonist to be in my book and what his/her goals to be. I didn’t want him/her to be too cliche of a villain, like wanting to take over the world and such just for power.

My first thought was to create a complete antithesis to my hero’s goals. His journey centers on Mother Nature and everything in balance to survive on Earth; in essence, I thought of the Mother as the embodiment of Life. So naturally, I thought of death. A number of Greek gods of death came to mind, and I began to do research on this topic of interest.

However, my mother/publisher/motivator pointed out that the antithesis of Life isn’t Death. Death goes along with Life.

After a lot of thought, I then decided on Chaos. The Goddess of Chaos, Eres, is a prominent figure in a lot of mythology. I toyed around with the idea for a while, looking at the person I wanted to hinder Bartholomew’s plans. Still, complete and utter chaos for the sake of chaos is trite. I needed a worthwhile goal for the antagonist to strive for, one that the readers would understand but not become bored or annoyed with.

Order. Complete, obsessive compulsive order. The main antagonist will want to control his surroundings without the encroachment of nature. His need for order will make him crave the extermination of the uncontrollable wildlife. Nature kills slowly, he will claim. Through the growing of vines and roots, the Mother will destroy all that man builds. Earthquakes, storms, flooding. All can be controlled with the right technology.

My antagonist was born from this line of thinking. His desire for this will consume him to the point of war with nature.


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