A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

It was my uncle’s birthday on Friday, so I thought of a great idea for a birthday present that was entirely unique and inventive.

As a fiction writer, I find great pleasure in making up stories on the fly, and this present idea can be used as a great writing prompt.

Taking the personality and likes of the person whose birthday it is, proceed to write a short story, no more than two or three thousand words, about the person getting super powers, thrown in the midst of a fantasy world of your liking (i.e. Your friend Brad, in your story, suddenly finds himself walking into the magical realm of Middle Earth), or wakes up 300 years in the past. What does he do? It’s also a great way to get to know your friends better. Test your knowledge of your friend’s habits and traits, as well as his moral compass.

Personally, I enjoy creating superhuman origin stories for my friends. Based on their personality, intelligence, and moral compass, I give him/her a single superpower and take the story from there. For example, my uncle is a GENIOUS, so I thought I’d enhance his brain power and throw him into a conflict.

Whatever you decide, I believe this is a great way to have some fun, break that writer’s block, and give a good gift simultaneously.


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