A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

So, my loyal followers, I met one of my favorite authors last week on Friday at Murder by the Book. Brandon Sanderson came to Houston to talk about his work on Steelheart, his newest novel, and to sign copies of his books.

When I heard about this during the Space City Convention two months ago, I nearly fainted. Brandon Sanderson is an excellent writer who has proven his worth and expertise many times over with the completion of the Wheel of Time. Additionally, I’ve read his Mistborn Trilogy and the first book of the Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings, and I was really impressed with his character development and plot stability. In my opinion, Brandon Sanderson is quickly coming to par with the great Robert Jordan, though I hope he finishes the Stormlight Archive before passing on to the next life.

It was an inspiring experience. I waited in line, and when my turn came up to speak to him, I thought I would be tongue-tied, but I was able to talk without any problems (Thank the Lord!) I gifted him a copy of Binding Power; it was signed, of course. When he saw my book and flipped through it, he said that it looked good without even reading it.

His entire mannerism changed. I went from being a gushing fan to a professional coworker. I sat down next to him, and he talked to me for a good twenty minutes about how to get in with Tor Publishing, much to the dismay of the people waiting in line and the hosts of the book signing.

Brandon pointed me toward his podcast, “Writing Excuses,” and told me the secret to getting in with Tor: meet the editors. He said they’re usually around at conventions and writing panels, so if you happen upon one (I don’t know if they wear any name tag or sign that says “Hey! Ask me about Tor editing!”), make sure you introduce yourself, my fellow authors.

I hope you all have been inspired by my experience, and I also hope that you have a similar one of your own, soon.


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