A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

I recently started my last class at my community college, Intro to Theater: “Theater Appreciation.” Little did I know when I registered for it that the topics covered would have relevance to my writing process.

Of course, being a playwright is a lot like being a novelist, only the characters and plot are brought to life instead of trapped on the page. I’ve given script-writing a try before, in high school, and loved it, though I wasn’t used to not describing every little thing, seeing as my audience would be seeing it played for them on a screen. Being a playwright is also similar to screen-writing.

Among the topics covered in my Drama class was the plot structure, and even though some of the titles of the sections were different than a novel’s, it was generally the same as you would use when outlining a book; i.e. prologue, climax, resolution, conclusion.

I would think that someone who was a big fan of the theater arts would be more capable when turning to writing novels than someone who just comes in with no experience. If anyone has trouble with this sort of thing, like character development or plot structure, I would recommend starting with a drama class. It’s been really helpful for me.


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