A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

Hello and thank you for flying with Anastasia’s Advice Airlines, where we give you advice in all things writing. We hope you enjoy the flight and have a wonderful trip.

Advice #9: No orphaned main characters! Seriously, people, orphans are overused because writers don’t want to write out the main character’s parents into the story. Parents can be awesome, though. Granted, my main character’s parents live out of state, but they are constantly bugging him to move back east. Parents can be a sudden plot twist: kidnap victims, accident prone, insane, et cetera. You decide what you want to do to them, but I recommend that your main character have living, breathing parents (it makes him/her seem more realistic to the reader.)

Advice #10: I know that writers (including me) love to use metaphors and similes at every turn to describe something. Granted, comparisons are useful tools and I don’t want to discourage writers’ use of them; however, some caution is necessary. Be frugal with them so as not to make them trite. A few here and there in your novel or short story is wonderful and interesting; every other sentence is pushing it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip on Anastasia’s Advice Airlines and that you’ll fly with us again next time.

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