A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

Okay, I was studying for a Spanish exam last week and was focusing on telling stories by isolating the backbone, or the events that move the story along, and the meat of the story, or events that fill in the gaps between events and describe the events taking place but don’t progress the story further.

I feel that when writing a book, we should look at it in the same way. Focus first on the backbone of the plot line, writing down the series of events that happen in the book so that the story is finished. Then, go back and fill in the “meat” of the story. Describe how someone said something in the dialogue sections; illustrate the setting with fine detail and give the reader the ability to “see” what the characters are wearing.

It’s like building a skyscraper from the ground up. First, one must have scaffolding and frames to define the shape of the building. Then, one can use the framework to support the details of the skyscraper: the walls, rooms, and architecture that make it something to look at.

I hope that helps. Keep writing!


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