A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

I think I’ve suggested before that writers should get a friend or family member to read their work out loud to them, and I can’t stress enough how insanely useful it is. On Sunday I was reading my parents’ book to them and correcting grammar and punctuation as I went along. We took turns reading each other’s chapters out loud so that we could correct anything that we hadn’t seen before.

I read along with them while they read one of my chapters, and I was simply amazed by all the subtle corrections that needed to be made that I hadn’t noticed before. A small comma there, a splice here, an unnecessary adverb over there. It was incredible how much you don’t know when you’re reading your own work to yourself. I strongly recommend that if you’re a writer, get someone–anyone!–to read your work to you. It will change the way you see your writing.

Keep up the good work, people! ❤


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