A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

I broke 25K on Sunday and I’m worried that I won’t get Grim Phantasm done before my second summer semester. I know that if I keep to my daily word count and crank out that plot line, I’ll be able to, but I’ve been having trouble making that count. It’s usually about half-way through the novel that authors slow down, but I wish that I could have finished it earlier, like I planned.

The story is getting really intense, and it may be a longer one than Binding Power, though I hope not because that one is over 80K. I’m planning on making this one shorter (about 60K) so I can get started on Firestorm (WT). Though the series was originally supposed to be five books (one for each Bowl of Power), I find myself wondering if I should put two in one and finish with four.

Right now, I just want to focus on finishing Grim Phantasm and making it better than Binding Power.


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