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Being a Leader

Something interesting happened to me earlier this week. I was donating books to my school’s honor society, and the guy I was giving the books to asked me if I knew anything about leadership. An officer–in an honor society, no less–asking me for advice on leadership? I was both flattered and nervous. I didn’t want to be egotistical in my response, but years of experience told me that I was a born leader. So, I started giving him simple tips on being a good one, wondering if he was going to stop me at some point and ask me what my credentials were. He didn’t, though, and seemed satisfied by my advice when I was finished.

Here is what I told him, for those of you who may be in a position of leadership:

1. Be familiar with each person in the group you are leading.
2. Know what their strengths and weaknesses are so that you can accurately assign them to tasks that won’t overtax them or are too simple.
3. Be aware of who the introverts and the extroverts are in your group, so that you can make informed decisions regarding assignments, and, if necessary, pair them together.
4. Know how to do any and all the tasks you assign to your group so you can be prepared to help them with any difficulties they may have.
5. Make sure all of your members have your contact information for possible questions and make sure you have theirs and that they have each other’s.

I’d welcome anyone to comment with any more tips on leadership.


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