A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

Writing Blurbs


What a fun word to say, don’t you think?

I think writing a good book blurb (the intro/summary that goes on the back of your book) is one of the most important steps in getting your book bought. These make your readers want to know more about the book they may buy, aside from looking at the cover and title. I know I’ve missed many opportunities to read great works of literature because of the sorry state of the blurb. They lacked one or more of the following: no decent plot insights, character spotlights, and exciting segues into the story I would be reading.

It is important to introduce the main character in the blurb as well as some sort of motivation that the character has in the story to keep your potential reader interested. I’ve even seen some blurbs with an enticing excerpt from the book itself, but I’m not really a fan of doing it myself (I think it spoils a good scene.) It’s also essential to refrain from putting too much detail in the blurb; browsers don’t want to have to read a short story, and they’re more than likely to put it back on the shelf if it’s too much work to find out about the book.

I would hate to pass up your book because of a poorly planned blurb, so make sure it’s AWESOME! I know ya’ll can do it.


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