A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

I had no idea how many awesome authors were going to be at the Montgomery County Book Fair on Saturday! From historical fiction to high fantasy, these authors made me want to finish my sequel faster so that I can be a part of something like that.

Surprisingly, I made friends and acquaintances with some of the authors, including, but not limited to, Dom Testa, author of “The Comet’s Curse,” a thrilling science fiction novel, C.C. Hunter, author of “Born at Midnight,” a mystifying paranormal fiction, and Ledia Runnels, author of “Keepers of the Ancient Tomes,” a fantastical historical fiction.

Dom Testa was very supportive of my work and was pleasant to his fans. His book was actually published by my favorite publisher, Tor. I’ve dreamt of the idea that Tor would publish my books, and meeting Dom Testa has renewed that dream.

C.C. Hunter was equally supportive and pleasant, and I could tell that she loved her fans as much as she loved writing, stopping to have conversations with them as she signed their books.

Ledia Runnels had the most impact on my motivation. She was originally self-published and became popular quickly, which gives me hope for my books. Ledia was quick to laugh and even quicker to make friends, and she promised to keep in touch.

To my fellow writers: Get out there and make yourself known to the world of authors. Make connections, market yourself, and gather intelligence about how you, too, can become known to the readers of the world.


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