A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

Hello and thank you for flying with Anastasia’s Advice Airlines, where we give you advice in all things writing. We hope you enjoy the flight and have a wonderful trip.

Advice #4: It may be somewhat cliché to say that it is important to “show” not “tell.” By this I mean that it is a common mistake for writers to say that a character has been taking Kung Fu for thirty years. However, it makes more of an impact on the readers to “show” that the character is, indeed, a martial arts master. If I read that the character has taken thirty years of Kung Fu, I’ll forget it within twenty minutes of reading on to the next scene. But if the writer depicts a scene with the character kicking some rear due to his training, I’m more than likely to be impressed and more interested in the character.

Advice #5: Keep the history that came before the book out of the book unless entirely necessary for understanding an action or setting. No one wants to read a history book, and droning on about how the world was created and blahbedeeblahblah and so on and so forth is boring to the reader.

Advice #6: Figure out your Point of View (POV)! No matter how interesting or exciting your story is, it will mean nothing if your readers don’t know who’s thinking what at what time in what place or even who they should be rooting for.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip on Anastasia’s Advice Airlines and that you’ll fly with us again next week.

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