A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

Hello and thank you for flying with Anastasia’s Advice Airlines, where we give you advice in all things writing. We hope you enjoy the flight and have a wonderful trip.

Advice #1: Try using “power words” in your writing to keep things interesting or to just give something a better description. For example, instead of writing he ran quickly, try he darted, he sprinted, he dashed, et cetera to give the readers a better mental image of what your character is doing. Remember, reading a book is a lot like watching a movie in your head. Let your readers have the extended edition of your book, not the theatrical version.

Advice #2: Stay very far away from alliterations. They take away from the experience and are tedious to the reader. Alliterations are absolutely awful!

Advice #3: When using metaphors or similes, especially in fiction novels, make sure the comparison is something that the character would know about, and also make sure it fits in with the setting of your work. For example, if your story takes place in a medieval setting, be wary of comparisons like he took off like a rocket down the street. How would anyone in that world know what a rocket is? Maybe instead use he took off like a ballista bolt down the street, or some other such projectile weapon.

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your trip on Anastasia’s Advice Airlines and hope you will fly with us again next week.


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