A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

It shouldn’t be this hard to write. I mean, I’ve already written the first book, so the sequel should flow right out, shouldn’t it? Of course not. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. (Excuse me while I answer my own questions). I have tasted the reward of a published novel, and every day I look at my paperback copy of my book, I know I’ll have to write another one to put next to it on the book shelf.

Despite my complaints, it is a bit easier to write now than when I first started at the age of eleven. Then, I had very little knowledge of how a book was written or organized other than what I had seen in the novels I’d read. Now, with a college English education and ten years of experience (Dear Lord, has it really been ten years?), I can crank out paragraphs and dialogue like a computer program.

It’s usually the plotline that gets me in a block more than anything else. When I have an idea for the story, I write it down. Then, I sit at the computer waiting for the next one to come to me, staring at the scene I had just written and considering water-boarding my computer for more information.

At about the time where I’m ready to toss out the story as useless, I decide to break from it and work on a random short story, letting the novel simmer in the back of my mind until I come up with something new.

Never give up on your ideas, be they seemingly idiotic or outlandish. Put them in a word document; use stream of consciousness if you have to. It’s as easy as getting the setting and the character, be he/she developed or not, onto the page and leaving it for later viewing (when you aren’t working on twenty other things at the same time).


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