A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

School’s Out

Now that the fall semester has ended for me, I’m running straight into the arms of my old friend, Microsoft Word, so that I can get to cranking out the sequel in The Saga of the Answering Storm, Grim Phantasm. I’ve already got the main plot outlined and ready to develop, so my readers should expect it to be available in the early spring. I don’t know how many other writers feel like their characters are writing the stories themselves, but I’m clueless as to how they will end up changing my story on their terms, for better or worse.


Comments on: "School’s Out" (2)

  1. I do tend to find that my characters seize control of my stories rather early on. You become so invested in them that they become living, breathing people in their own right and you end up lost in their head.

    Good luck with your sequel 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying reading your story about the zombie apocolypse. I can only hope that my readers find that my characters are as deep and “alive” as yours.

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