A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

This blog post hits close to home with what I’ve been going through for the past few months editing my novel. I find it so hard to get rid of special scenes that I’m in love with, but at the same time, it makes the story more condensed and fluid rather than random and choppy with scenes that don’t really fit in. The idea of moving the “deleted” scenes to a blank page is one that I’m certainly going to use in the future. It makes me regret losing those pieces of my book forever.

Literature and Libation

If you NaNo’d and are now in a post-NaNo writing coma, you may not be ready to face the harsh realities of the raw novel landscape. The world changed while you slept. You grew a beard. Sandra Bullock visited you and told your parents you were engaged to be married with hilariously unexpected results.

When you finally wake up, you’re going to have to edit. A lot. And not like, fix a couple grammatical mistakes or missed commas, but full-blown, angry, word-drunk edit in which you destroy your own art without impunity, in some weird backwards attempt to build it back up again, better, stronger.

I took a cursory glance at my “manuscript” and before I processed what I was doing, I had deleted massive swaths of content, rewritten several sections almost entirely, and realized that I still didn’t have enough distance from my writing to objectively make any meaningful…

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