A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

If I ever complain about writing an entire novel in my blog again, please slap me with taunting comments (joking, please don’t; I’m very sensitive to criticism). I’ve been trying to finish at least one short story for the past couple months, and it was like pulling all the stitches out of an embroidered pillow! I thought writing 50K in thirty days was tough, but condensing an idea down to a bare eight thousand or so words was very hard.

My ideas don’t usually flow like that. They are long and tedious to get down, so smashing it all down and cutting the words down made me pull my hair out. I always feel that the story is missing something if I leave out the smaller details.

I finally finished one short story last week and I still feel that it needs more in-depth character development, descriptions, and sub-plots. I’ve been told by the people I’ve shared it with that it’s fine, but if I’m honest, I admit I’m dreading submitting it to a publisher.


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