A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

I recently had a conversation with someone close to me about paying attention to previously made statements in your story.

If an author writes early on in his/her story that one of the characters has no heartbeat, for example, and is undead, then it goes to show that having that character get a woman pregnant seems a bit, shall we say, impossible, for obvious reasons that I won’t go into on this blog.

With that in mind, when I say “don’t write yourself into a corner”, I mean that if you have your character lore already set and you don’t want to change that lore, make sure that resulting situations correspond to that lore. I’ve taken that statement to heart, and I’m already going back through my story and tweaking bits that I think might cause problems later on. It’s hard work, but I feel that it will help when I’m published that my editor or fans (because I will have fans) read my book and enjoy it without ruining their suspension of disbelief.


Comments on: "Writing Yourself Into a Corner" (3)

  1. I’ve rewritten my stories a stupid amount of times. Fortunately, I never backed myself into a complete corner. Still, that’s really easy to do. I try to keep myself involved with my characters. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night thinking about their problems. Strangely, to avoid that corner, you really have to build relationship with every person, giving them a detailed back story. That’s something animators do. So far, I’ve lost track of a few details and needed to rewrite entire chapters.

    That’s great advice you leave.

  2. […] Enjoyed the story. If I didn’t like what I wrote, I exercised the delete key. Though it took me back a few words, it stopped me from writing myself into a corner. […]

  3. I agree with you one hundred percent. I just finished my second novel for NaNo and I’m not looking forward to editing. I know that I’ll run into some character lore problems. I’m just so in love with my story as it is, and I would hate to change anything.

    My character backgrounds do need to be fleshed out, I admit, and I plan on doing so for my audience to enjoy them fully.

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