A day in which you write something is a day well-spent


People have always told me that the dialogue in my stories are the best part to read. The way my characters interact is very important to me because when I write about them, they are real in my head. I like to have readers feel like they ‘re watching a movie in their heads, so I usually picture the characters talking in front of me.

Their actions and movement go along right beside the dialogue to match their words, so that it seems real and not just a screen-play without stage directions. They come to life before my eyes. There is so much art to be had in writing character interactions, and I feel that I am a master in that art.

Ironically, in real life, I don’t understand people interactions at all. The subtle clues that people give about their emotions and the inflections in their voices are not apparent to me like it is to everyone else. I suppose I write my own character interactions to better understand people in general.

In my next post, I will include an excerpt from one of my short stories that is mostly dialogue.


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