A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

When I started my new novel, I had no idea I would have so much fun with its creation. Originally intended for NaNoWriMo, I was unable to finish it in the time allotted, and considered giving up on the process. Thanks to a great big kick in the pants by she who will remain unnamed, I decided to continue the manuscript.

Mentioned in a previos post, I believe, my novel will remain unnamed in my blog until I receive full copyrights to it. However, I’m interested to report that what was originally going to be pure fantasy has turned into a mix of that and Science Fiction. High tech devices and settings meld into the surrounding nature and archaic communities that have yet to be discovered by the unwary citizens of my futuristic city.

I hope I can relate fully the ideas I have swirling in my head onto paper and into your collective hearts.


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