A day in which you write something is a day well-spent

Now, I’m not going to get  too into my characters, but just in case you have any questions about who’s who, here’s some info you might like to know about my wonderful creations:

Laurano Kai’sha Rivind

Race: Elf (the Lord of the Rings type, NOT the keibler type)

Birth Place: Dirumin 

Profession(s): Assassin (part-time), pickpocket (only when necessary), poison-dealer

Personality: Gruff and Tough for all the world to see, sensitive when it counts, and a general stubborn woman

Character Description: 7′ 2”; forest-green hair, tanned, agile form, thin face, small nose, sharp sky-blue eyes, two hair-thin width scars running from brow to chin, one on each side of face

Kaben Rivind:

Race: Human

Birth Place: Unknown

Profession(s): Slave-dealer,

Personality: Quiet and speculative, very underestimated, cruel in nature

Character Description: 6′ 4”, pale-skinned, strong jaw, cruel dark-brown eyes, somewhat heavy-set, brown hair

Mioni Firashko Rivind:

Race: Elf

Birth place: The Great Temple of Shahena

Profession(s): Alchemist, public healer, tailor, novice priestess

Personality: Gentle, loving woman, cares for all

Character Description: 7′ 1”, pale, small build, lithe form, silver waist-length hair, green eyes, two hair-thin scars running down either side of her face from brow to chin

Grahil Firashko:

Race: Elf

Birth Place: The Great Temple of Shahena

Profession(s): Chef, tailor, public healer, gardener

Personality: An all-around worldly priest, takes care of all, loving father

Character Description: 7′ 6”, tanned, sun-yellow, waist-length hair, silver eyes

Gregory Amshan:

Race: Human

Birth Place: Human Capital of Kendor

Profession(s): Chef, warrior, sword-master, blacksmith

Personality: Shy, but strong-willed,

Character Description: 6′ 3”; sandy-blonde hair, green eyes, tanned, heavy build


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